26+ Inspiring Romantic Balcony Decoration for Small Space

ROMANTIC BALCONY – Living in an small place is wonderful and it has many own advantages, but there is one disadvantage that makes people who live there to dream about a new house – garden, the miraculous place, perfect for spending free time for relaxation or for making barbecue with friends!

But it’s not all lost when you live in an apartment, because the terrace is an outdoor space you can decorate in the way you want. Even if it’s small you can always transform it in your little personal haven for reading books, drinking coffee or spending time with your loved ones.

For all of you who live in a small place with even smaller balconies we’ve created a fabulous list with more than 26 inspiring decor ideas that will make your tiny outdoor space a comfortable area you’ll adore. Check out our suggestion and find your inspiration here!

1. Romantic Small Balcony

Romantic Small Balcony
Image Source : topinspired.com

This balcony speaks with romance and is just the perfect place for dating with your other half. A few candles and a bottle of great red wine will create a lovely atmosphere during the night!

2. Romantic Small Apartment Balcony

Romantic Small Apartment Balcony
Image Source : homemainly.com

3. Delightful dromantic balcony

Delightful dromantic balcony design inspiration shows outstanding-wooden-bench-combine-inspiring-rounded-coffee-table-on-pleasant-flooring carpet deco making a kitchen island from a dresser exterior ho
Image Source : homihomi.com

Delightful dromantic balcony design inspiration shows outstanding-wooden-bench-combine-inspiring rounded coffee table on pleasant flooring carpet deco making a kitchen island from a dresser exterior ho.

4. Miniature but Perfect Romantic Balcony

Miniature but Perfect Romantic Balcony
Image Source : pinterest.com

There are many reasons why this balcony is so wonderful. The first, chairs are just the right thing for any kind of a terrace. Second, that small table is actually chair which is just enough for few cups of coffee or tea and third, the blue blanket and carpet are adding a great dose of cosines and perfection!

5. Compact Terrace Decor

Compact Terrace Decor
Image Source : decophotoblog.blogspot.com.ar

Is this the smallest terrace in the world?! It probably is, but it’s nicely embellished and it has just enough space for one chair, few planter boxes and sometimes that’s all you need! However you’ll love it!

6. Colorful Outdoor Decor

Colorful Outdoor Decor
Image Source : onekindesign.com

Add a lot of colors and shades on your balcony, so no one will see that actually your balcony is one cute small box! Decorate it with pillows and blankets in pink, purple and blue colors! The end result is dangerously pretty outdoor!

7. Tidy and Cute Balcony

Tidy and Cute
Image Source : wannabemagazine.com

When you have a compact terrace try to not create a mess there, keep it tidy and clean, like the idea from the picture above. The colors are greatly combined and are creating a beautiful outdoor and you’ll enjoy to spend your days there!

8. Slim Style Romantic Balcony

Slim Style Romantic Balcony Idea
Image Source : bhg.com

If you have a terrace in slim style which is long, but big you can use the whole space by placing some sunbeds where you’ll lie in the sun for the whole day while reading a great magazine. You can make your terrace more private by using some tall green plants!

9. Quaint and Cozy Romantic Balcony

Quaint and Cozy Romantic Balcony
Image Source : bhg.com

When you have a miniature balcony and you want to use it well, then all you need is a small table and a few chairs where you can enjoy your meals with people you love and care or you can just relax with a cup of tea!

10. A Flower – Power Decor

Flower Power Decor
Image Source : stylisheve.com

Flowers are a powerful weapon which is giving a life even to the smallest of places and home designers know how to use it! This balcony is little and tiny, but you can’t notice that because there are flowers everywhere, even to the most impossible locations!

11. An Intimate Nook

An Intimate Nook
Image Source : bhg.com

The second idea is elegant and it’s a real proof that wood is always a good choice for any type of decor. This time it’s used for a small balcony which looks elegant and sophisticated. If your balcony is smaller that the one from the picture above, then use just a few furniture pieces that will be perfectly adapted in the spice!

12. A Little Piece of Heaven

A Little Piece of Heaven
Image Source : stylisheve.com

We’re starting the countdown with a real piece of heaven. Look at that cute balcony where every item has it own place and all the colors are successfully incorporated in the space. To get this homey look use some old piece of furniture from your home and make a little makeover if it’s needed. A dose of flowers is always welcomed!

13. Better Romantic Balcony

Better Balcony
Image Source : bhg.com

Planters work wonders to soften the sweeping balcony space.

14. Pool Patio Romantic Balcony

Pool patio romantic balcony
Image Source : bhg.com

Depending on style and visual preference, a variety of materials can be used as a trellis. Here, wire offers a lighter, more airy structure.

15. Yard Landscaping Small Romantic Balcony

Yard Landscaping Small Romantic Balcony
Image Source : celebratesalina.com

Balcony Decorating Ideas Be Equipped Cool Apartment Patio Romantic Cozy Condo Small Patiogarden.

16. Simple and romantic balcony decoration

Simple and romantic balcony
Image Source : Pinterest

A trellis marks a shift in outdoor spaces, from seating to dining to relaxing. Wood (used as flooring) was also used in planters to create a cohesive look.

17. Bamboo Balcony Romantic Decoration

Bamboo Balcony Romantic Decoration
Image Source : compellon.us

Bamboo Garden Design Ideas Small Patio Decor Using Tall Bamboos Decoration Idea.

18. Dark Romantic Decoration Balcony

If you don't have a ground-level yard, a balcony or rooftop can supply space for growing and gathering.
Image Source : onekindesign.com

If you don’t have a ground-level yard, a balcony or rooftop can supply space for growing and gathering.

19. Blue Romantic Balcony

Blue Romantic Balcony
Image Source : Pinterest

Well I was just trying to find out some chords for the song while playing my Givson guitar so I think this might help u. Blue Romantic Balcony.

20. Small charming Romantic Balcony

Small charming Romantic Balcony
Image Source : pinimg.com

Small charming Romantic Balcony – Small, charming I could live in a small home with THIS cute patio… I can still have my morning study and coffee.

21. Small and Cute Romantic Balcony

Small and Cute Romantic Balcony
Image Source : 99homeideas.com

Small and Cute Romantic Balcony – decorating a small room is a challenge, but there are still lots of things you can do for your small room. As an example of the design above with a fairly crowded composition, it can still be arranged romantically.

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