20+ Inspiring Hat Rack Ideas for Your Hat Organizer

Every one of you is a person who is creative and full of imagination. When you see objects and tools lying around the house, many ideas and imaginative thoughts will flow to your mind.

One of the many examples of creative ideas that you can treat is decorating a hat rack. As we can understand together, a hat rack will provide a neat arrangement in your hat collection.

Compared to ready-made products, making your own product will be more appropriate with the imagination that is in your mind. That way the size, design, shape and needs can be adjusted to your needs.

1. Wall Mounted Branch Hat Racks

Wall Mounted Branch Hat Racks

A simple design would give a sense of the room become more spacious. This design is created for you who only have several hats. The hats can be hanged using strings attached to a branch.

2. A Giant Elk Horn Hat Rack

A Giant Elk Horn Hat Rack

Nature is an interesting place. It gives a sense of relaxation and freedom when you are in the nature. Now, you can bring the nature home.

This idea offers you to use a giant elk horn for hanging your hats. You can find one like this in a vintage shop.

At least if it is not 100% real, it is made of something resembles the original.

3. Glass Box Hat Storage Idea

Glass Box Hat Storage Idea
Snapbacks have smaller size compared to hats worn for a day at the beach. Snapbacks can be stored in medium boxes.

If you want to display the snaps, use glass boxes so the design of the snaps are shown and easily seen. Make sure you have provided the space to place the boxes, so it won’t look messy.

4. Hidden Hat Rack

Hidden Hat Rack

This idea is specially made for you who have a small number of hats, but want them to look tidy and neat.

You can hang them on the wall near your wardrobe. Since they don’t take too much space, the space you give for them can be hidden among your clothes or at the corner of your room.

5. Tupperware Boxes Hat Storage

Tupperware Boxes Hat Storage

This idea is very suitable for you who don’t have a lot of space on the walls for mounting hat racks. If you have a lot of boxes, or Tupperware boxes, they can be used for storing your snapbacks.

The boxes can be adjusted to how many snapbacks you personally owned. Then, place the boxes in secured area such as under your bed.

6. Old Rustic Vintage Iron Hat Rack

Old Rustic Vintage Iron Hat Rack

An old, vintage hat rack would give the entire room a classic atmosphere. Having this rack installed in the room would create a superb environment.

The rack is mounted to the wall and it takes up quite a lot of space on the wall. If the hats you are hooking are beach hats, this also may eat more space forward.

7. Simple White Horizontal Hat Hooks

Simple White Horizontal Hat Hooks

If you want the hooks to have a multipurpose, you can use this idea. It takes you to find a long wood and smaller woods.

First of all, measure the length of the wood, and then measure the gap you would put between each hook.
Using drill or woodworking tool, create holes in between the gaps.
Second of all, change the smaller woods into a circle shape.
Insert these circle shape woods to the holes drilled earlier and voila!
This simple, vertical hooks can be used not only for hats, but also coats or even keys.

8. The Corner Mount Hat Rack

The Corner Mount Hat Rack

Make use of the corner of your room to something more advantageous, like this one!

All you need to have is hooks, nails and the hats.

Firstly, install the hooks on the wall with nails.

Don’t be too orderly, because the idea of this look is to create a rather disorder look.

This is very suitable for those of you who have a small room, but collect a number of beach hats. Since it would eat too much space on the closet, it is best to hang them on the wall.

9. Old, Rustic, Giant Wheel Hat Rack

Old, Rustic, Giant Wheel Hat Rack

Are you going for a classic, vintage style of hat rack? Try this one!

You need to go to a market and find this old looking, rustic wheel.
After that, polish the wood to make it looks smoother and fresher.
Then, hang all the hats to the wheel.
The disadvantage of this idea is the number of the hooks is very limited to only 6 hats.

10. Hipster Style Wall Hooks

Hipster Style Wall Hooks

Inspired by the tapestry seen on each side, you can use this hipster style of hat racks. It is as simple as it’s seen, because you only need to install the hook to the wall by nailing them.

Don’t forget you place the hooks in a tidy order like shown in the picture. Also, make a precise measurement of the gap between each hook to create a neat looking hat racks.

11. Organizing Hats on the Wall Rack

Organizing Hats on the Wall Rack

This idea is a bit different compared to the previous ideas, because this doesn’t hang the hats. Instead, it piles up the hats. The advantage of this hat, you don’t eat too much space.

However, if your intention is to display your collection, this style will only make the front hat visible, but the other hats invisible to be seen.

12. Hanging Chain for Hat Rack

Hanging Chain for Hat Rack

If your closet is full, but you need more space to hang the hats, all you need to have is a long chain that strong enough to hold your collection of hats.

You can hang the chain across the room or in any style you like. To hang the hats, you can place some hooks on to the holes in the chain.

13. The Mirror Hat Hooks

The Mirror Hat Hooks

If the hats you own are not that many. Install some hooks on the wooden border of your mirror.

As seen above, it looks super simple, but it sends a coastline vibe as if you live by the beach. This idea offers you simplicity and it gives you elegance.

14. Simple Wall Display Hat Rack

Simple Wall Display Hat Rack

You do want your hats look organized, but you don’t want the organization to look messy.

Apply this idea to your room!

Using wall display board, you only need to install some hooks to the surface. Then, you can hang your hats there safely.

15. Repurposed Wooden Doors Hat Racks

Repurposed Wooden Doors Hat Racks

Do you have so many hats that it becomes impossible to store them in your closet?

Well, read this one carefully.

If you have an open space on the wall, enough for a couple of unused wooden doorways, then this is your guidance.

16. White Retro Hat Rack

White Retro Hat Rack

“The simpler, the better” is the motto of this design.

It utilizes an old, retro looking hooks attached to the surface of the wall. The white color looks very suitable for the base, since the base is painted in a darker color.

Overall, it creates balance which makes the rack looks simple, yet still looks elegance.

17. Old-rustic Wood Pallet Hat Rack

Old-rustic Wood Pallet Hat Rack

If you happen to live in a house with a vintage style, this one may be the right one for you. You need two long and large wood pallets and two small wood boards for the sides.

In the picture, the small boards are carved with an antique design. You can connect each piece using nails or adhesive. It is suggested to use adhesive.

18. Modern Wooden Pallet Hooks

Modern Wooden Pallet Hooks

To keep up with the trend, this idea offers a modern style hooks.

Firstly, you need to prepare a wide wooden pallet and a drill.
Secondly, drill holes on the surface with measured gaps—enough space for hanging medium to small size stuff.
Then, you need long and cylinder-shaped woods to be inserted to the holes.
Make sure the tip of the cylinder comes out, because that will be used for hanging.

19. Hanging Hat Rack Hooks

Hanging Hat Rack Hooks

This idea is pretty uncommon, because you utilize some ropes or unused belts. The ropes are hanging from the ceiling to the height that you can reach.

At the middle to the bottom of the ropes, with gaps you have measured correctly, place hooks for the hats. This is super easy for you to make, and very unique.

20. Golden Hooks on the Wall Hat Rack

Golden Hooks on the Wall Hat Rack

This great idea is suitable for you who want to use a little space to organize your hats. The gorgeous hats need to be displayed, so people can see how great your taste in hate is.

The tools you need would be styled hooks and some nails. You need to find hooks which are suitable for your style, then nail them on wall in a neat order.

21. Clothes Hanger Tails Hat Rack

Clothes Hanger Tails Hat Rack

In order to save some space, you can use the back of a door. Utilize this space to hang a hat rack which is made of a long wood. On the wood, install a smaller size of wood board with precise gaps.

You can paint the wood to make it look fresher, but to stay on its vintage style, you may want to keep the original shade.

22. Hooks on The Wall Hat Racks

Hooks on The Wall Hat Racks

If you are a fan of organization and order, this may be for you.

As simple as it is seen, you need to buy nails in any number you want.

Then, place the nail orderly on the wall’s surface.

This idea has been made easy. Your collection of hats is now neat and tidy.

23. Repurposed Photo Strings Hat Rack

Repurposed Photo Strings Hat Rack

Photo strings are available in stores which sell home supplies.

Usually, the product comes with photo pins. To imitate this look, you can also use strings and pins used for hanging clothes.

To install the product, you only need to hammer some nails on to the wall with measured gap.

Then, tie each end of the strings to the nails.

24. Corner Hat Rack Idea

Corner Hat Rack Idea

Do you know this iron, layer shelf?

Yup! This is the construction site hat rack idea. The old, rustic looking iron can give a vintage vibe to the room.

If the color doesn’t match the entire atmosphere, then you can change it with a new paint color. The rack provides at least 8 hooks, which is more than enough for a hat rack.

25. A Simple Twig Hooks Idea

A Simple Twig Hooks Idea

When you walk down the street, you may find a twig lying on the ground. This time, when it happens, you need to take it home and turn it into a masterpiece.

This idea is using one simple twig, and iron hooks to hang the coat, bags or hats.

But, you also need strings and nails to install this new hook to the wall.

26. The Clothes Pins Hat Rack

The Clothes Pins Hat Rack

This one is a bit unique and simple. The concept is to use a cord and as many clothes pins as possible, and the hat is pinned using the clothes pin.

This is suitable to be placed on a wall with a white base. Using a white base, the colors of the hats will pop out and make the atmosphere brighter.

27. World Map Hat Rack Idea

World Map Hat Rack Idea

Seeing the map makes you want to travel somehow. It gives you the spirit to be active.

So, this idea takes an advantage of a large wood which has been cut into a map pattern.

Then, the wooden map is painted with appropriate color precisely like the actual map, or as you like it.

Lastly, hooks are installed at the bottom part of the wood.

You can decide on the number of the hooks, even though it is best to measure the gap before nailing all the hooks.

28. Tree Design of Hat Hooks

Tree Design of Hat Hooks

For children’s bedroom, it is best to be a bit playful with the design and the color.

For example, this idea utilizes a tree design mounted on the wall. It is a long pipe with branches on top of it.

It may be a bit hard to find the materials needed, but you can draw the lines and circles on the wall and then paint them.

To hang the coat, install some hooks on each of the bubble to make the coat looks like it is hanging on the drawn bubble.

29. Tree branches Coat and Hat Rack

Tree branches Coat and Hat Rack

It can be difficult to not having a coat rack during this rainy season and cold weather.

To hang a coat, you can utilize tree branches from your backyard and change them into an artistic work; that is the coat hangers like above.

You only need to find branches or twigs—any of the two that is strong enough to support the coat’s heaviness.

Then, cut the branch in half and glue them to the wall’ surface using adhesive.

30. Unique Chevron Hooks

Unique Chevron Hooks

You don’t need to try too hard to think of imaginative or out of the box ideas.

Sometimes, the simplest idea is the best one. These racks are made of pieces of woods with some hooks mounted on the surfaces.

As the finishing step, to make it more interesting, you need to repaint the wood with chevron stripes.

Don’t you think this is easy?

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