27 DIY You Can Make for Books

For those of you who like books there is interesting information for you. There are so many things we can do with the books we have.

Like making creative bookmarks. Or make art with books. Make the cover of our favorite book and many others.

Here we present interesting information for you to be creative with your books.

1. Snappy Composition Book Cover

Snappy Composition Book Cover
Image Source: orangebettie.com

Another favorite feature – the elastic strap down the left notebook pocket. I use it to mark the last page I’ve written on, so I always open right to a fresh page. No flipping through the notebook to find a blank page!

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2. Diy Bow Bookmark

Diy Bow Bookmark
Image Source: sugarbeecrafts.com

What’s your summer like?? Hit the point you’re searching for things to do? Reading is always great, so it’s craftsmanship, so today I have a project that unites the two – a super cute, super easy Bow bookmark you’ll love to make and use!

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3. Diy Wood Triangle Bookends

Diy Wood Triangle Bookends
Image Source: makeandtell.com

Although I don’t do many woodworking projects, I’ve somehow gathered many spare bits of timber that now float around the house waiting for their moment to shine.

The pieces are too nice to throw away (they really are, I’m not a hoarder I swear!) so I came up with a way to use those pretty offcuts and create a stylish way to house my books at the same time. Follow along for this very easy geometric bookend DIY!

4. Coloring Page Bookmarks

Coloring Page Bookmarks
Image Source: bydawnnicole.com

Let’s make your bookmarks more attractive by making them more colorful.

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5. Diy Button Bookmarks

Diy Button Bookmarks
Image Source: iheartnaptime.net

All you do is hot glue your paper clip to the back of your button and then cut a small piece of felt to go on top. The felt will keep the glue sealed in and leave a smooth finish. That’s it! Super simple, right?!

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6. Diy Leather Magnetic Bookmarks

Diy Leather Magnetic Bookmarks
Image Source: makeandtell.com

Measure and cut to size your leather. The bookmarks are folded in half, so estimate the length you want your finished bookmarks to be and double it to the length you need to cut your leather.

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7. Diy Terrazzo Bookmark

Diy Terrazzo Bookmark
Image Source: maritzalisa.com

This little beauty was the final result. I love that I can use it as a bookmark and paper clip. Read on for the full tutorial!

8. Diy Coloring Book With Blurb

Diy Coloring Book With Blurb
Image Source: sarahhearts.com

Started by ordering a swatch kit, which features print and paper samples of all the book options. After reviewing them, I decided on an 8″ x 10″ Trade Book with a softcover. The unit cost was extremely reasonable and the paper weight was thick enough to hold up to coloring with various mediums. Perfect for making a coloring book!

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9. Vampire Corner Bookmark – Fun Looking Diy Halloween Bookmark

Vampire Corner Bookmark – Fun Looking Diy Halloween Bookmark
Image Source: easypeasyandfun.com

If you want a DIY corner bookmark ready to take a bite into your book, this Vampire corner bookmark is definitely a bookmark you should make.

These Halloween corner bookmarks on your Halloween party will be a wonderful activity and they will also make a great party favor.

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10. Printable Summer Lovin’ Notebook Covers

Printable Summer Lovin’ Notebook Covers
Image Source: makeandtell.com

There are several ways to use these bad boys–you can print the full page onto A4 (or letter) sized paper and stick it in a binder’s front, or you can buy pocket notebooks like these or these and stick the covers on the front.

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11. Diy Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages

Diy Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages
Image Source: damasklove.com

Coloring is all the rage. Also, water is wet.

Now that we have the obvious pieces of information out of the way, let’s get down to today’s life changing post. Well – maybe not “life changing” but awesome nonetheless.

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12. Diy Fabric Book Cover

Diy Fabric Book Cover
Image Source: marelize-ries.blogspot.com

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12. Diy Gold Leaf Edged Books

Diy Gold Leaf Edged Books
Image Source: eileenandco.com

Gold is always a good idea and this DIY couldn’t be simpler.

Check out the how-to here.

13. Diy Gold Striped File Folder

Diy Gold Striped File Folder
Image Source: homeyohmy.com

First, this 12-pocket file folder at the Target dollar spot (they get me) was just a dollar. I was totally happy that it was all white like this, but it also felt like a perfect opportunity to test a new find of craft.

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14. Diy Book Wall

Diy Book Wall
Image Source: hometalk.com

Collect a bunch of books. Get a variety of hardbacks and soft. I would recommend looking at your local Goodwill. That is where I scored the majority of mine. Pay special attention to the pages because they are what primarily shows.

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15. Diy Felt Journal Cover

Diy Felt Journal Cover
Image Source: jpeg.io

With some wool felt and a spot of embroidery, I’ve got a covered journal! (Well, actually, my sister does…she already stole this one, and my mom asked me to make 3 more for the kids for school!)

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