27+ Creative DIY Vertical Gardens For Your Home

Here we have collected more than 27 creative DIY vertical gardens that are easy for you to implement this spring.


Image Source : freshmommyblog.com

There were just a few items for us to buy, besides the potted herbs, but most we had on hand already. We recently changed over our boys to a bunk bed situation in their room, and had a couple of pallets on hand from their previous beds, which we used for the wood in this project.

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2. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger
Image Source : iheartnaptime.com

If you have a lot of potted plants but not enough room to display them, then this pretty project is for you. While this craft involves a few steps, each of them are simple to do. And the beautiful result is well worth the time spent!

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3. Clay Pot Vertical Garden

Clay Pot Vertical Garden
Image Source : thehorticult.com

If you’ve been looking to spruce up an apartment balcony, this clay pot vertical garden is a great way to add greenery without taking up too much space.

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4. Hanging Herb Mason Jars

Hanging Herb Mason Jars
Image Source : domestically-speaking.com

If you grow fresh herbs in your house, don’t just leave them right on your counter. Display them in Mason jars! Just add small rocks to the bottom so that the roots don’t rot.

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5. Ammunition Can Vertical Garden

Ammunition Can Vertical Garden
Image Source : thehorticult.com

It’s a powerful thing when an object so often associated with damage and destruction takes on a new, life-giving incarnation. Emphasis on carnation.

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6. DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall
Image Source : hearstapps.com

With this trellis wall garden, you have the option to include several different types of plants.

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7. Branch of Beauty

Branch of Beauty
Image Source : entermyattic.com

Don’t have anything to hang your plant on? No worries—use a branch like this clever blogger did. She also painted small patterns on it for an additional decorative touch.

8. Stand-Alone Wall

Stand-Alone Wall
Image Source : homemadelovely.com

This vertical garden—built by affixing hex wire netting to a cedar frame—can accommodate up to 35 small terra-cotta pots (that’s a lot of growing potential!).

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9. DIY Wall Planter

DIY Wall PlanterImage Source : lanaredstudio.com

Can’t decide on how small or large you want your vertical garden? You can have this wall planter take up as much space as you want!

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10. Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter
Image Source : abeautifulmess.com

Add a little flair and personality into your vertical garden with a punny sign and colorful string.

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11. Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter

Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter
Image Source : adventuresincooking.com

If you love succulents, display them in several glass orb terrariums. Potting the terrariums yourself gives you the freedom to pick many different types.

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12. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
Image Source : thebirdandhersong.com

Easily build this hanging herb garden in your kitchen window with wooden rods and curtain rings. You’ll love having your herbs readily available for recipes!

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13. Hanging Planter Vertical Garden Ideas

Hanging Planter Vertical Garden Ideas
Image Source : survivallife.com

This hanging planter is made up of five wooden planks with openings that let pots dangle. The planks are spaced evenly between two pieces of rope and are secured with zip ties for a uniform look.

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14. Minimalist Vertical Garden

Minimalist Vertical Garden
Image Source : manmadediy.com

If you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic, stacked cedar boxes attached to the side of your home make for a striking vertical garden.

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15. Recycled Soda Bottles

Recycled Soda Bottles
Image Source : dirt.asla.org

One person’s trash is another person’s vertical garden—here, empty plastic soda bottles are packed with soil and hung from a clothesline.

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16. Ladder Vertical Garden Ideas

Ladder Vertical Garden Ideas
Image Source : hearstapps.com

For a decidedly less construction-heavy project, neatly stack pots on the rungs of a ladder. For a bit more flourish, add a hook for a hanging planter.

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17. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden
Image Source : instructables.com

A hanging shoe organizer doubles perfectly as a vertical garden: its pockets are the ideal size for growing individual plants and herbs.

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18. Lattice Vertical Garden

Lattice Vertical Garden
Image Source : decorandthedog.com

This vertical garden has its very own irrigation system: At the center of the structure, there are two PVC pipes with holes drilled in them for even water distribution.

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19. Leaning Bookshelf Vertical Garden

Leaning Bookshelf Vertical Garden
Image Source : gingersnapcrafts.com

Constructed cedar troughs are mounted to wooden sides and then stained in this crafty vertical garden project.

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20. Stacked Pots Vertical Garde iIdea

Stacked Pots Vertical Garde iIdea
Image Source : hearstapps.com

I shared yesterday that I was working on a diy garden project that was for the birds! Our Lowes Creative Ideas Network challenge this month was to create a diy bird feeder or birdbath. After Matt’s failed attempt at creating a bird feeder, I just went ahead and purchased a cute feeder from Lowes. However, I had this fun idea to create a planter and bird bath in one and today I’ll show you how to make your own!

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21. Pot Hangers Vertical Garden Idea

Pot Hangers Vertical Garden Idea
Image Source : countryliving.com

Hang-a-Pot—polypropylene supports that clamp onto the backs of pots—practically disappear when screwed into a wall or fence. Designed to endure high winds, each hanger can bear up to 100 pounds. Plant them with anything you’d typically put in a pot is fine, including kitchen herbs and annuals like the pansies and bacopa.

22. Hanging Buckets Vertical Garden

Hanging Buckets Vertical Garden
Image Source : room6design.blogspot.com

This indoor vertical garden is constructed using only four basic materials: a cabinet door, hooks, a saw tooth hanger, and some pretty tin buckets.

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23. Deco Screen Plant Stand Vertical Garden

Deco Screen Plant Stand Vertical Garden
Image Source : westelm.com

This DIY plant stand works for outdoor ornament. If it is put inside of the house, it may take too much space.

24. Simple Modern Vertical Herb Garden

Simple Modern Vertical Herb Garden
Image Source : thefreshexchange.com

Gardening is something I love, and although I dream of having a large plot one day, living in a city means I have to get innovative.

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Image Source : sugarandcloth.com

I teamed up with Home Depot a few weeks ago to give my “backyard” a little facelift as a part of their Style Challenge series. I use the term backyard very lightly because really it’s just a gloried 20×10 foot space that has a privacy fence around it.

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Image Source : westelm.com

Vertical Gardens seem to be all the rage now, lining walls everywhere from restaurants to some of our own stores. The reason behind their sudden ascent to popularity should come as no surprise—greenery, especially greenery that seems to envelop an entire space, is the perfect antidote to urban existence.

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27. DIY Vertical Garden with Drip Watering System

DIY Vertical Garden with Drip Watering System
Image Source : housefulofhandmade.com

Create a DIY vertical garden for the perfect small space garden solution. This cedar vertical garden has a lot of space to grow your favorite herbs and plants. And the built in drip watering system will help make watering your vertical garden even easier.

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28. DIY old pallet vertical garden

DIY old pallet vertical garden
Image Source : mykarmastream.com

This is one great use for the old pallete you have around. A DIY garden is a great solution. You will save some money, and also some preciou space.

29. Chalkboard Planter Vertical Garden

Chalkboard Planter Vertical Garden
Image Source : sndimg.com

Have herbs at the ready for harvest-fresh flavor by growing them in an indoor vertical garden. A chalkboard finish lets you label your crop, including details like planting date. Herbs need bright light to grow well. Place a vertical garden beside a bright east or south window for good light, or use grow lights. Just be sure to angle them so the entire garden receives the light. This garden has a 10-cell planting frame that you fill with soil and plant with the garden horizontal. Water well after planting, and let the unit sit for 2-3 hours before hanging.

30. DIY Vertical Herb Garden

DIY Vertical Herb Garden
Image Source : momtastic.com

Squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, birds…we’ve got ’em all. It’s an adorable change from our past life in a more urban part of town where the only animals that would visit us were raccoons pawing through the trash cans.

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