30 Easy DIY Project to make and sell

Hi there, you are DIY-ers now you have a tremendous chance to sell online.

By creating something unique, they can attract customers who want this unique, hand- made product. You won’t find too many unusual craft items on Amazon.

We have collected 30 simple, low cost DIY crafts you can manufacture and sell at minimal start- up costs. Better still: no official training is required and certainly nothing requires the skills of a professional sculptor.


Here’s a free crochet pattern for creating this cute Baby Humpback Whale from 1DogWoof. If you want to get into Crochet Toys (Amigurumi), there are so many patterns out there you can try out – whether they are free or for purchase. Learn the craft and create!


Image Source: abeautifulmess.com

Here’s a wonderful DIY tutorial on how to make A Beautiful Mess this marbled drinket dish. This is a great way to start if you want to get into ceramics, as this tutorial uses oven bake clay( so no kiln is needed!).

3. Diy Bath Bombs

Diy Bath Bombs
Image Source: lovelygreens.com

Natural bath bombs are relatively easy to make, as only a few ingredients and very little equipment are needed.

It should take about half an hour to make a small batch, so it’s a great project for a weekend afternoon.

You can make enough pizzies for your own bath time and give as gifts in that short amount of time.

4. Diy Homemade Candles (With Natural Lavender-Rosemary Sce

Diy Homemade Candles (With Natural Lavender-Rosemary Sce
Image Source: livesimply.me

Here’s a tutorial on how to make Live Simply candles with your own DIY Lavender- Rosemary.
via Livesimple.

5. Diy Flower Garland Wall Hanging

Diy Flower Garland Wall Hanging
Image Source: thekitchykitchen.com

Flower guirlands are so beautifully wrapped around a chamber or hung over a jam, but I love the idea to collect them all in a ” moment. ”
It is best to pick flowers and green ones, which are dry and dry for weeks, so you can hang up the wall.

Here’s a tutorial for creating a DIY Flower Garden Wall Hanging from The Kitchy Kitchen. So many people have dropped head-over-heel in their homes for the floral guirland trend (even me!).

6. Diy Pencil Pouch

Diy Pencil Pouch
Image Source: aliceandlois.com

Use a dusty blue Lotta Jansdotter gold zip fabric to add a mustard suede cord to the zipper pull. It is easy and rapid to add interfaces instead of a liner material.

via Alice and Lois.

7. Diy Chunky Tassel Bookmarks

Diy Chunky Tassel Bookmarks
Image Source: homeyohmy.com

There are many book fans out there– so here’s something for anyone who likes to read books that you can start making. This is a Homey Oh My tutorial on how to create a bookmark for DIY Tassel. Here you can see the complete tutorial.

8. Pressed Flower Phone Case Diy

Pressed Flower Phone Case Diy
Image Source: popshopamerica.com

Of course, you will need to start and collect your flowers and leaves a bit earlier for this pressed floral phone case because you don’t only want a nice selection to select from, you also need enough time to press and dry properly.

You can use any fancy instrument to press, but nothing is better for me than the old-school book method!

Get the full tutorial here.

9. Diy Personalized Leather Keychain

Diy Personalized Leather Keychain
Image Source: jenwoodhouse.com

The key chain is one of the items that are needed for many people.
If someone has a key ring made specifically for him then this will have a lot of meaning for him.

This can be a good thing to sell where you can sell items that are personal.

Here is a tutorial from Jen Wood House on how to create this beautiful DIY personalized leather keychain.

10. Diy Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Diy Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging
Image Source: almostmakesperfect.com

Teenagers love to decorate their bedrooms. Very suitable if you can make bedroom decoration products. Wall decoration for our bedroom is very easy to make. Here’s the tutorial.

11. 3d Paper Flamingo Ornaments (With Free Cut File)

3d Paper Flamingo Ornaments (With Free Cut File)
Image Source: whitehousecrafts.net

Here’s for you friends another Valentine- inspired flamingo project. I’m not sure what makes me think of love about them. Your color might be? Whatever it is, Valentine’s a cute topic or not!

via White House Crafts.

12. Diy Laced Cement Votie

Diy Laced Cement Votie

Ornaments are one of the interesting selling commodities. For that you can try to place the candles made with the following cement to make and sell.

You can also provide a little development to make the product more attractive. So please try and be creative with this Diy Laced Cement Votie.

13. Easy & Affordable Diy Feather Duster Wall Art

Easy & Affordable Diy Feather Duster Wall Art
Image Source: hometalk.com

It’s really simple. This technique is not new but is a simple and affordable way for some great art to fill your home with a large empty wall.

This was particularly good for us because we lived in an apartment in which we couldn’t paint but even you not at lived in an apartment you still can make this. You can sell this.

Get tutorial.

14. Easy Diy Porch Light

Easy Diy Porch Light
Image Source: allthingsheartandhome.com

This is was very cool. This porch light decor is easy to make. You should try to make this and sell it.

Get tutorial.

15. Lighting Decorating With Mason Jars

Lighting Decorating With Mason Jars
Image Source: pinimg.com

Still themed about lighting. You can also try this lighting decorations with a mason jars. Really easy. You can immediately make it now and sell.

16. Squeakers The Otter Free Sewing

Squeakers The Otter Free Sewing
Image Source: fluffmonger.net

Toys for children are also interesting options for making and selling. Please see the full tutorial here.

17. Heart Ring Diy

Heart Ring Diy
Image Source: mywhiteideadiy.com

This heart ring is pretty cute. Easy to make. You certainly don’t want to miss this project to make.

Get tutorial.

18. Monogrammed Clay Keychains

Monogrammed Clay Keychains
Image Source: homeyohmy.com

Begin by cutting the clay into your desired form when making these keychains. Then stamp the letters with the clay precipitation kit. Put a hole on top once you’ve finished and bake it in the oven until the clay is hard. When ready, insert a jumping ring through the hole above, then wind in a smaller jumping ring and a ring behind it.

19. Seed bead accessories

Seed bead accessories
Image Source: craftsy.com

Seed bead accessories are certainly a comeback, which we love because they are one of the simplest kind of gems to make.

The hardest part is actually tossing up the small perforations, which can have a diameter of as little as one mm!) Follow this step-by-step instruction to make a complete layer stack (or donation!) within less than an hour.

Get tutorial.

20. Leather wrap bracelet

Leather wrap bracelet
Image Source: mybluprint.com

These stunning blue and silver leather wrap bracelets are really versatile and they can be worn with anything – that’s why they’re sure to sell at your next craft fair or eBay auction.

Get tutorial.

21. DIY Quilted Key Fob

DIY Quilted Key Fob
Image Source: leighlaurelstudios.com

This fast and easy project is a fun way to use fabric scraps of your favorite. A handmade key fob makes a great stuffer for the person who has it all, a teacher’s gift or a present.

Get tutorial.

22. Cactus Pincushion Diy

Cactus Pincushion Diy
Image Source: abeautifulmess.com

Get tutorial.

23. Diy Modern Pom Pom Pillow

Diy Modern Pom Pom Pillow
Image Source: almostmakesperfect.com

Get tutorial.

24. Diy Velvet Earring Tags

Diy Velvet Earring Tags
Image Source: oleanderandpalm.com

This little DIY is a hack for Anthro. It was a great little gift idea to create (like myself) for people with tighter budgets.

Get Tutorial.

25. Speckled Diy Clay Keychains

Speckled Diy Clay Keychains
Image Source: sugarandcloth.com

Read Guide

26. Diy Monogram Clay Keychains

Diy Monogram Clay Keychains
Image Source: homeyohmy.com

Working on top of a parchment – papered cutting board, roll a piece of clay into a ball, then use a rolling pin to flatten it out.

Get tutorial

27. Summer Table: Diy Faux Ceramic Napkin Rings

Summer Table: Diy Faux Ceramic Napkin Rings
Image Source: makezine.com

Create a beautiful, delicate tablescape without fragile pottery! This project will give you the same style, minus the shatter factor, this DIY faux ceramic napkin rings.

Read full guide

28. Burn Baby Burn: Wood Burning 101

Burn Baby Burn: Wood Burning 101
Image Source: britcdn.com

Experiment on a wood practice board with each of your bits. Turn off your burning tool to switch bit attachments and let it cool down completely before bits are screwed off and replaced.

Read full tutorial

29. DIY : A Pocket Full

A Pocket Full
Image Source: thelovelydrawer.com

Start by measuring with your ruler evenly from either side and make a mark with your pencil that will mark where the hanging holes can be drilled.

Read full guide

30. Diy Modern Wood Keyholder

Diy Modern Wood Keyholder
Image Source: bp.blogspot.com

Measure and cut the lace of suede, I made about mine. 8 inches long, but before knotting, I strongly suggest trying them out on the keyholder. Loop the lace through the wood balls and attach the ends to the key rings. You can attach this or use it solo to another keychain.

Get tutorial

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