23 Easy Clothes Rack DIY

Bored with the traditional clothing racks? Try this top 35 Easy Clothes Rack DIY. This wooden rack is easy even to make and takes up very little space.

1. Red Book DIY – Garment Rack (Emily Henderson)

Red Book DIY – Garment Rack (Emily Henderson)
Image Source : bloglovin.com

Is it just me or are our closets getting smaller and smaller? There are two ways to combat this problem – get rid of some clothes (which we know is not going to happen), or figure out a way to store.

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2. Clothes Rack DIY Ladder Wardrobe

DIY Ladder Wardrobe
Image Source : staticflickr.com

It seems during the moving process we acquired a somewhat old and paint stained ladder which was used by the builder. After no one came to claim it (finders keepers!) I decided that rather than have it just lying to experiment with a project I’ve had in mind for some time – a ladder wardrobe.

Perfect for storing work-in-progress DIY projects and pieces waited to be photographed. And did I mention it cost me all of about $9 to make? Read on to see how!

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3. DIY Pipe Clothing Rack

DIY Pipe Clothing Rack
Image Source : theglamorousgleam.com

A wardrobe rack is the perfect solution, but a lot are made cheaply and fall apart. The good ones are extremely expensive. Sometimes costing a few hundred dollars. I decided to make a pipe clothing rack myself out of plumbing pipes.

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4. Make a Mobile Clothing Rack and Keep Shopping

Make a Mobile Clothing Rack and Keep Shopping
Image Source : sndimg.com

Are those clearance sales creating a bit of a … closet shortage? Make this simple and chic mobile clothing rack, and you’ll have on-hand storage and loads of vintage style right at your fingertips. Problem solved!

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5. DIY Copper Clothing Rack – Darleen Meier Jewelry

DIY Copper Clothing Rack – Darleen Meier Jewelry
Image Source : darlingdarleen.com

Lately, I’ve become a little obsessed with copper pipe projects like my recent copper blanket ladder ! Working with copper pipes is actually really fun and the results are clean and modern. I hope to bring you a few more copper pipe DIYs, but today I am showing you have to make a DIY copper clothing rack. This project is so easy and you really only need one tool.

Assembling the copper pipes takes just a few minutes. I like this DIY copper clothing rack because it’s pretty enough to have it exposed in a room and could be used for a pop-up shop or coat rack. You can dissemble the DIY copper clothing rack when it is not in use and assemble in just a few minutes. All the details and instructions of the DIY copper clothing rack is listed below.

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6. DIY Clothing rack with concrete! – YouTube

DIY - How to make a pipe clothing rack with concrete! - YouTube
Image Source : Youtube

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7. DIY wooden clothes rack

DIY wooden clothes rack
Image Source : chloelarkin.com

Can you believe I made this with the help of my dad in under 15 minutes? I can’t.

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8. DIY Clothes Garment Rack

DIY Clothes Garment Rack
Image Source : netdna-cdn.com

We have a serious shortage of closet space around here and in the new house it is going to be even less, so I made myself a garment rack that I wouldn’t be ashamed to have out on display. Now my favorite items won’t get lost in the wardrobe abyss. Here are the supplies needed if you want to try this out for yourself.

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10. Clothing Rack From Galvanized Plumbing Pipes

Clothing Rack From Galvanized Plumbing Pipes
Image Source : xojane.com

What do you think? Would you tried this? Customize it to suit your needs? What are your DIY solutions around the house?

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Image Source : camillestyles.com

I love the way the gold and mint add a touch of glam to an otherwise utilitarian piece. Think about what patterns inspire you – and then find a way to incorporate them into your next DIY to make it totally personalized!

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12. Industrial DIY Copper And Concrete Clothes Rack

Industrial DIY Copper And Concrete Clothes Rack
Image Source : shelterness.com

All you need to do is connect your pipes, then mix the concrete and fill it in the box. Wait until the concrete is tighter, not too fluid anymore and stick the pipe into the center. The pipe will hold by itself, so let it dry for a day, put your clothes on it and enjoy!

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13. DIY Copper Clothes Rack

DIY Copper Clothes Rack
Image Source : hgtv.com

Short on closet space? Store your favorite clothes and accessories on this stylish DIY copper rack. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to give it a prominent spot in your bedroom.

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14. DIY Copper Clothing Rack

DIY Copper Clothing Rack
Image Source : sarahhooker.com

I saw a pipe clothing rack on Pinterest and wanted one so much! It’s the perfect place to store fun clothes for my portrait and boudoir clients to choose from, and it doubles as a great place to hang clothes when I’m working with clothing designers.

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15. Diy Copper Clothing Rack

diy copper clothing rack
Image Source : twothirtyfivedesigns.com

Unless you build your own home, chances are the storage space in your current living arrangement aren’t exactly fit to your specific needs.

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Image Source : abeautifulmess.com

Measure and mark 15 1/2″ down from the top of each of your four 1 3/8″ x 72″ dowels. This mark will be the center of the hole. Using the 7/8″ drill bit, drill a hole on each mark, all the way through the dowel. Make sure to keep your hole straight as you drill through; if you drill through the dowel at an angle, your clothing bar won’t be level. Lightly sand the hole opening to remove any roughness.

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17. DIY copper clothes rail

DIY copper clothes rail
Image Source : blogspot.com

I love when i get to work with my favourite materials, two of my most loved are copper and concrete and this DIY combines both- YAAS!

As much as i’m a fan of minimalism the one area in which i haven’t embraced the less is more mantra is my wardrobe. i’m always looking for new ways to store them and this DIY clothes rail is the perfect solution.

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Image Source : ehow.com

This is a DIY garment rack project that you can use in your own home, which might be a good option for you if you are short on closet space! I am learning how to use the power tools, but this beauty was made by Gabe alone (minus the spray paint finish;)), and so he is taking over today to share step by step instructions.

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Image Source : diymontreal.com

The plans below are for a fairly large black iron pipe double bar garment rack measuring about 8 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet tall. The good thing is that you can easily scale it down to any size you want and even be creative with different pipe and shelving combinations.

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20. DIY pipe shelf clothes rack

DIY pipe shelf clothes rack
Image Source : brooksandrew.github.io

I recently moved into new bedroom: bigger space, less closets. Clothes and shoes needed to go somewhere.

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21. DIY Wall Mounted Clothing Rack with Top Shelf

DIY Wall Mounted Clothing Rack with Top Shelf
Image Source : simplifiedbuilding.com

The Union Project is a small boutique located in the U.K. They also have an online shop. The store specializes in selling contemporary menswear. As such, their physical location requires a polished look to complement their clothing and to represent the aesthetics of the brand.

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22. DIY Clothes Rack

DIY Clothes Rack
Image Source : azureedge.net

This DIY clothes rack is a new take on the standard version. Using basic plumbing parts, the frame is minimal and portable.

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Image Source : rainonatinroof.com

These are a super simple build and inexpensive as well. I made three different sizes (height wise) of these racks. I’m sharing the instructions for the shortest one, 4′ tall, below. The other two I made were 4 1/2′ tall and then 5′ tall. You can make taller ones, simply by cutting your 2″ x 4″ end posts to whatever your desired height is.

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