45 Amazing Tiny Houses You Wish You Could Live In

Tiny house living is a growing trend for people that want the benefit of living in their own home without dealing with a ton of extra space. Living small doesn’t have to mean living in a boring box, as you’ll see from these surprisingly luxurious homes.

The tiny house trend is sweeping the nation. In a world where we’ve amassed an unprecedented amount of clutter, these miniature dwellings are very tempting. Can you imagine living in a tiny house, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and the amazing splendor of the outdoors? Who needs an enormous mansion when you can cut loose from everything that is tying you down, simplify and become one with nature?

Besides, these houses are basically the grown-up version of having a fort in your backyard, and some are actually in backyards. Check out these 45 amazing tiny houses to get some tiny house inspiration!

1. Amazing Tiny House Hotel

Tiny House Hotel
Image Source : livealittlechatt.com

Try scaled-down living on for size at Live a Little, a collection of three mini retreat, including the Old Blue Chair shown here, surrounding a central fire pit on a scenic mountaintop property just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.

2. Amazing Tiny House Pump It Up

Amazing Tiny House Pump It Up
Image Source : countryliving.com

This tiny house is a musician’s dream: it houses a giant working amp and the deck even doubles as a stage.

3. Amazing Tiny House With Bright Colors

Amazing Tiny House With Bright Colors
Image Source : wideopencountry.com

Just one of the homes in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, “Savannah” features yellow cedar plank siding with red shutters and white trim.

4. Minimalist Living House Design Idea

Minimalist Living House Design Idea
Image Source : countryliving.com

This 196-square-foot house near Boise, Idaho, is home to Macy Miller, her partner James, their daughter Hazel, and their Great Dane, Denver. A 27-year-old architect, Macy designed the home from scratch and built it on a 24-foot flatbed with help from friends and family.

5. Amazing Mini Home

Amazing Mini Home
Image Source : wideopencountry.com

Among tiny homes, the mini home is actually rather large. This adorable little house belongs to Akua and Brendon, a Canadian couple who have recently rented out their little 500-square-foot love nest for an extended stay in Thailand.

6. Enviresponsible Shelter Tiny House

Enviresponsible Shelter Tiny House
Image Source : countryliving.com

Designed by Broadhurst Architects, this prefab corn crib-inspired structure takes its basic form from traditional American corn cribs, which were common farm buildings that served to store and dry corn. The chic, modern 250-square-foot structure is delivered and assembled on-site, and includes a sleeping loft, an expandable kitchen wall, a bathroom, and living room.

An insulated glass garage door opens to a small deck, connecting the interior space to the landscape beyond. Made of sustainable and recyclable materials, the structure can be dismantled and relocated to another site.

6. Transforming A-Frame Tiny House

Transforming A-Frame Tiny House
Image Source : relaxshacks.blogspot.com

Designed by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com and built by Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Homes, this transforming micro A-frame cost only $1,200 to construct.

One roof/wall is made of Tuftex polycarbonate roofing: Not only is it translucent to allow in natural light, the lightweight material is attached to the structure with hinges so it easily can be raised and propped on legs to expand the space from 80 square feet to 110.

On the other side of the A, the purlins supporting the roof sheathing are placed horizontally to serve double duty as shelves.

7. Dream Bungalow Tiny House

Dream Bungalow Tiny House
Image Source : windrivertinyhomes.com

The 204-square-foot “Wind River Bungalow” is the Chattanooga, Tennessee, home of tiny house enthusiasts Travis and Brittany Pyke, who started Wind River Custom Homes to help others fulfill their dreams of living simply in mini dream homes.

8. Living Large With Less Tiny House

Living Large With Less Tiny House
Image Source : countryliving.com

This is the Olympia, Washington home of tiny house pioneer Dee Williams, author of The Big Tiny, a memoir that details her decision to downsize to an 84-square-foot house that she built from the ground up after a near-death experience. Constructed atop a metal truck trailer, the super-small pine-and-cedar bungalow houses a kitchen counter with a propane one-burner, a sleeping loft, solar-powered lights, a composting toilet, and a sink (but no running water).

9. Floating Tiny House

Floating Tiny House
Image Source : countryliving.com

This floating 240-square-foot cabin is an off-the-grid summer escape for Maine couple Foy and Louisa Brown. Assembled onshore, a foundation of plastic floatation tubs, Styrofoam, and pontoons was then towed to sea, and the cottage was built above it, using mostly pine shiplap. Louisa carries water out daily via canoe for a tank that fills the shower and kitchen; at night, candles, oil lamps, and solar lights illuminate the home.

10. Mobile Ski Chalet Tiny House

Mobile Ski Chalet Tiny House
Image Source : fyi.tv

This 112-square-foot mobile cabin belongs to extreme skier Zac Giffin, the host of FYI’s Tiny House Nation, a show that features people from across the country who are living the tiny house lifestyle. The tiny abode is home to Giffin and his girlfriend, skier Molly Baker.

11. Mid-Century Retreat Tiny House

Mid-Century Retreat Tiny House
Image Source : workshopapd.com

Set in a wooded area, this 300-square-foot studio retreat in Chappaqua, New York, is nestled between two rock outcroppings—one is used as a backdrop and the other as a bookend to the deck.

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